“We need a witness to our lives.”

This blog has existed for around five days or so now.
It’s been fun to write again, since it’s something I don’t get to do a lot anymore, other than in an academic context.

However, if you allow me to be a bit philosophical: why blog?

It is obviously not only because I like to write, or because I want to document my life; in that case, I could simply have kept a diary.
It’s not really a career thing either, if I’d wanted to write professionally, I’d probably not have started with an obscure blog.
Is it about attention, then? Not purely, I don’t think, because if I just wanted attention, I’d post naked pictures of myself someplace.

Recognition? I want someone to recognize that I write, and what I write. Not only out of vainty, I don’t think, but because I think (very modestly…) that maybe I can make someone think, just a little.

And I like the feeling that the words are out there, for anyone to read. Just as it can be a relief to put pen to paper and get thoughts out of your head, knowing that someone can read them and observe them is gratifying.

“If you have good friends, no matter how much life is sucking , they can make you laugh.”

First of all, thanks to everybody who’ve read, retweeted or followed, and especially to the wonderful people (mostly my lovely friends) who’ve given me compliments for this blog, in person or on Facebook. It means so much to me and I hope you know it.

It’s my birthday next week, and I had some friends over for an early birthday tea today. I made apple cardamom and cinnamon cake and we talked and talked and laughed and I think most people enjoyed themselves.

Something I’ve always been fond of, and I get that from my parents, is to mix different groups of friends. Today, I had some people from high school here, some people from my new class at college and some people from my old college class. And while it may get awkward and grouped sometimes, it’s always fun (for me, I like to play God ;)) to see people bond with new people. My parents have always had parties like that, where different people get together, and it’s always been really appreciated.

Meeting across generations is also amazing. A few weeks ago, I was at a dinner with some friends, a dad and his collegegues and several other people, some my age, some in their 60s, all with different backgrounds and professions, and we had SUCH interesting conversations. I learned about Egyptology (apparently there’s a great school in Copenhagen for that), weight-lifting (how to breath and use the muscles between the ribs) and the origins of the Swedish word “rotvälska”. I loved to hear their stories, and maybe I’m vain, but I think they enjoyed it too

It really should be easier to meet across generations and groups.