This spring is all about travel. So far, I’ve been in Oslo and Berlin and I’m at the airport waiting for my flight to Paris. I’m also going to Amsterdam over Easter to visit my brother and to Rome in July. And hopefully to the US in May for one of my best friend’s wedding but I daren’t hope for that. 


I can’t wait for the flight to leave so I’ll get to see my best friend. 

I would rather be an annoying feminist any day. That’s not an insult. That’s a good thing.

If it annoys people, that means I’m doing something right. It means that maybe, maybe they will start to think and reflect. And maybe we will change the world, just a little.

But I will not be quiet. Never ever.

“A basic course in gender studies.”

Found this at Emfilus‘ twitter:

Den här bilden skulle kunna vara kursmaterial i vilken genusfokuserad utbildning som helst.

This sort of unconscious expression is how we can see how unequal people still are. 
These three people are all sports journalists, probably all equally qualified, yet the woman is pushed into taking very little space compared to the two men with their wide, spread legs and powerful postures. She’s not as important as them.


“It’s easier to imitate a Picasso painting than to look like fashion model.”

I finished my essay and all is well!

I read this great comment in Lady Dahmer’s blog and I just had to share the content of it:

To try and look like the models in today’s fashion magazines is about as easy as trying to look like Picasso’s the Girls of Avignon. You’re also probably going to be more successful imitating the Picasso painting…

“Cantate Domino”

It’s the first Sunday of Advent, and for those of us that sing in a church choir, it’s busy times. Which means I’ve spent the entire day in church, singing religious songs and eating Christmas food. 11 days until the best day of the year, Lucia!

Because of singing and that pesky little thing called studying, blogging hasn’t really been a priority.

Next week, I have choir on Monday, Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday and a tiny little 45 point project to turn in.

So… See you in a week?

Should I keep posting updates on Facebook?

I have a dilemma.

I publish any new updates on Twitter, since people who follow my Twitter presumably are interested in what I have to say. I’ve published some of my posts on my Facebook and I’ve noticed a really big increase in my traffic whenever I do that, so some of you are obviously interested and clicking the link.

But I’m divided, because I know how annoying frequent Facebook updates can be and I don’t want to torment people.

So what do you think I should do?

  • Keep posting on Facebook
  • Not post anything at all on Facebook
  • Post one update per day (or every second day or once a week) on Facebook
  • Start writing in hieroglyphs


Edit: Look, a fancy poll!

“Intelligence without ambition is a bird without wings.”

And I’m going to fly.


I, like many others, have attempted to blog in the past. Usually, it’s been just for my close friends, but I want to attempt something a little more ambitious than that. I’m about halfway through my last year of college, and partly, I want to document that. I also want to write about the things that interest me, and believe me, there are many.

It’s just that I’ve never properly tried to put them in words before. In the last few years, I’ve become so much more aware of what’s important to me, and even if I’m the only one who’ll ever read this, I’ll have proved to myself that I really care about some things; the proof is right here.

And I expect I’ll write a lot about school as well. Since I spend most of my time there and all.